Explorer Scouts

For those of you who are not aware Explorer’s are the next age group up from Scouts with the core age range being 14-18 year olds, depending on the individual, Explorer’s can start as young as 13 and a half.

First of all a little bit of history…

In the early days of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell saw the need to provide a programme for young people who wanted to continue after their time in the Scout section and in 1967, Venture Scouting was formed from the existing Senior Scout and Rover Scout sections.

During the late 1990s, it was decided that, in order to meet the changing needs of new generations, two new sections should be created for young people over the age of 14. Explorer Scouts for 14-18 year-olds and the Scout Network for 18-25-year-olds were created.

And why ‘Columbus’ as a name? This one’s very simple, Christopher Columbus, was a well-documented, 15th century Explorer! Hence our adoption of the name for our Unit. Hopefully, his spirit and desire to live life through adventure will have a positive effect on all of us.

In terms of time frame, our first Unit meeting will be held 0n Wednesday 16th September 2015 at the Scout Hall and then every Wednesday commencing at 8 and finishing at 9.30pm.

With regards to activities and programme, there are some new exciting badges we can work towards including Climbing, Motor Sports, Mountain Biking, Paddle Sports, Scouting Skills and Skiing to name just a few, there is also a whole new raft of staged activity badges we will be working towards with the objective to ultimately achieve our Chief Scouts Diamond and Platinum Awards as well as the coveted Explorer Belt which is an expedition based award.

The unit itself is youth-led with the Explorers proactively contributing and agreeing on the programme for the year. The leaders facilitate and oversee all meeting nights as well as activities and camps being run.

If you have any comments or queries then please feel free to contact Lee via this website on the contact us page.

Download the Explorers programme here


  • Group Scout Leader – Lee Hawley
  • Explorer Leader – Lee Hawley
  • Assistant Explorer Leader – Nushin Stanton
  • Young Leaders – Rosa Tinklin + Ines Khair


  • Group Chairman – Michael Furnival
  • Group Treasurer – Neil Smith
  • Assistant Group Treasurer – Steve Adams
  • Training Advisor – Lee Hawley
  • Website – Doug Marshall
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